UNESCO Internship Program 2019


Admission List


I. Joint organizers:

The Talents Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as “The Committee”) and the Macao Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “MF”).

II. Objectives:

The Macao SAR Government has signed a Cooperation Agreement with UNESCO to financially support eligible Macao talents in interning in UNESCO Headquarter, offices and its affiliated institutions. Through this work experience, it is expected to broaden Macao talents’ horizons and strengthen their professional skills.

III. Eligibility:

1.Have qualifications that the internship requires, usually a university degree (Bachelor or above), professional qualifications or specialist skills.

2. Applicants are permanent residents of Macao aged under 30 before December 31, 2019.

IV. Duration:

Determined by the internship positions, while no more than 12 months (whichever is notified by UNESCO).

V. Position/ Location:

See the “List of Internship Positions”.

VI. Form:

Interns deliver gratuitous service in the assigned agencies under the guidance and supervision of the designated professionals. Interns are not UNESCO staff members, and shall not represent the agencies in any official capacity.

VII. How to apply:

  1.  Application is open from April 1 to May 15, 2019 on the website of the Committee. Each applicant can apply at most two positions.

  2. Fill in the “Online Application Form” and upload the digital copies of the following documents:

    a) A copy of the valid Macao Permanent Resident Identity Card;

    b) Certificates or academic reports issued by local educational institutes that indicates/proves at least three consecutive years of schooling in Macao (from secondary school to university).

    c) Certificate of the academic degree required for the internship position, and academic report of each academic year (English version); if the certificate of the academic degree is not yet available at the time of application, an enrolment certificate is required. If the candidate is selected, a copy of academic degree certificate (English version) shall be submitted within the given time.

    d) Résumé and cover letter (Both should be in English and uploaded with one document. Résumé should be within 800 words; Cover letter for each applied position should not exceed 1200 words, and the position title should be indicated in the letterhead.);

    e) Certificates that proves language proficiency, e.g.: IELTS, TOFEL or TOEIC, etc.

VIII. Selection and Confirmation:

The application documents shall be reviewed by the Committee, after which a list of candidates shall be published. The list shall then be submitted to UNESCO for selection. The selection results shall be confirmed by the MF before being announced on the website of the Committee.

IX. Announcement dates:

Candidate List - May, 2019
Admission List – July, 2019

X. Grants and fees:

  1. Round-trip traveling expense from the grantee’s departure place to the internship location;
  2. Monthly subsistence allowance of MOP$12,000;
  3. A total of MOP$20,000 one-off allowance for visa and insurance;
  4. Other expenses shall be borne by the interns.

XI. Obligations of the interns:

  1. Log in https://www2.scdt.gov.mo/ to complete the “Talent Information Registration";

  2. Sign the “Statement of Acceptance of Sponsorship and the Related Liabilities”;

  3. Own a current bank account in Macao to receive the stipend;

  4. Apply for visa in person;

  5. Receive no any other grant simultaneously issued by any other entities without the permission of the Committee;

  6. Notify the Committee as early as possible in written form about any change of local contact information during the internship (e.g. residential address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.).

  7. Inform the Committee of personal status regularly during the internship and contribute to the publicity of this program.

  8. Interns shall comply with the code of conduct and values of the internship agencies. An internship report (with no less than 1,500 Chinese characters or 2,000 Portuguese/ English words) shall be submitted to the Committee within 3 months upon completion of internship;

  9. In the cases of failure to comply with any of the aforementioned circumstances, or any false statement, or omission of substantial fact in the documents submitted for sponsorship application, the grants shall be revoked by the Committee. The involved receiver shall be held legally liable, and shall return a tantamount amount of received money to the MF within one year, counting from the date on which he/she performs the aforementioned misconducts. A deferred repayment is subject to prior written permission from the Committee under special circumstances.

XII. Schedule:



Application period

April 1 to May 15, 2019

Candidate List

Announced on the Committee’s website in May 2019

Selection Period

In June 2019

(The selection shall be handled by UNESCO based on its own standards.)

Admission List

Announced on the Committee’s website in July 2019
(The selected candidate will receive e-mail notice.)

Procedure of



for the



Please submit the following documents within 15 days after the admission list is announced:

  • A copy of résumé registered in the “Talent Information Registration” system;
  • A copy of signed “Statement of Acceptance of Internship Grants and the Related Liabilities”;
  • A copy of the Macao bank account passbook (the page with the owner’s name and the account number);
  • A copy of the certificate of academic degree required for the internship position (Only apply to those who fail to submit when applying).


  1. Overdue submission of these documents shall be treated as a waiver. The vacancy shall be filled in order from the Waiting List. The document submission shall be completed within 15 days upon the day of notice;

  2. Except for force majeure or special circumstances, those who give up the admission will be prohibited from participating in the activities organized by the Committee for 2 years.

Departure date for internship

Expected to be in September 2019 

(The specific date is subject to requirements of the internship position.)

XIII. For Enquiry

Secretariat of Talents Development Committee


Tel:(853)2855 5108

Fax:(853)2855 5106

XIV. The Talents Development Committee reserves the right to modify, change and interpret the Prospectus and regulations of the Program, and retains its discretionary powers.

Application period: April 1 to May 15, 2019